Saturday, April 22, 2017

UMSU's night market and Xian Foods

UMSU have their annual night market and this was the first time that I have been. Here they have 19 food stalls and all of them was really full except for the roti one. The roti was really good and I did not have to wait long. It was $4 for one big piece.

Most of the student stalls have run out of stuff and most of them had no form of queuing. Everyone just grabbed everything. I was a bit frustrated.

UMSU if you are going to run the Night market next year make it not free (at least a $5 charge and the money raised can go to the International couch). If not free have some security around to check the tickets like the MCG.

And all the clubs should make their stall a cashless payment system meaning that people have to go online to buy a crown card (like Taste of Melbourne) or use EFTPOS only.

But the entertainment was still good though. And so were the decorations.

In the end though I went to Xian Foods which is a few blocks down from Melbourne Uni. They specialise in spicy food and handmade noodles. Although the handmade noodles I got were a little bit on the doughy side. The lamb in my noodle soup was good and so was the broth.

But I was so full from both. And the lady that served me did not understand me one bit when I asked her questions.

Oh well there goes another year of night market.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Animal Orchestra

This place is right outside Melbourne Uni in Carlton. As a student I did not get much of a chance to visit as RMIT is in the city.

The place is in a small old style house which makes it really rustic. Inside it is cool and chic like the 70s.

For a Wednesday morning the place was packed full of students and academics gettings their coffee fix. The barista was friendly.

 Here they have really cheap meals and breakfasts. At a normal cafe a plate of baked eggs with bread is about $18-$19. Here it is $13 and it is filling.

I did need my omega 3's and eggs as a runner doing her first full marathon hence the baked eggs with salmon. This turned out to be a great choice. Here the salmon and eggs were just lovely in  their pan. The souradough was freshly baked.

My soy flat white was great. I enjoyed the really nutty taste of the soy.

Do come by to this cafe when you are at uni or in the hospitals.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

MFWF: Script bar and bistro

Script bar and Bistro is in Southbank where Melbourne Uni is and the Arts centre. On a Tuesday night they were not too busy and I was waiting for a tram which was inconsistent to take me to Golden Fleece which seemed far from my running track.

They have been inside the MTC for eight years and love the patronage of the theatre goers.

Here they love their writers and their cheese. I could be in cheese heaven. But they only have a limited menu for dinner and no specials. Although I did spy a $14 burger special.

The atmosphere is relaxed.

So I chose lasagna which is vegetarian with lots of cheese  ($27 for a small piece)and a shiraz ($9) to brighten up a cold winters night.  The bread was good and the butter was very creamy. The salt was lovely.

The shiraz worked well with the lasagna and in the lasagna I could hardly taste the kale. It was overcooked.  There was a lot of cheese and I enjoyed it.

Oh well if you are going to charge $27 it should have been a bigger piece. Oh well I'll probably come for the wine and cheese instead.

MFWF: River Graze

River Graze is one of Melbourne's big events which was free for all to attend. There were many tastings and sales.



Fed in French


The cider orchard

Free showbag if you sign up to the Herald Sun

Wine tastings

Pork crackle on display

My meal from Hophaus

Ice cream




Pizza bar


One type of cheese

There were lots of wine tastings and the one that I liked so far was the pale ale with apple flavour. This was strong and I was drunk easily. It was in a new bar in the Arts Centre.

The French festival was one of the best events with lots of sauce tastings from Carmellicious. And there was also the sweet section. But seeing as I am trying to quit sugar I wasn't interested in it. There was a Kroenburg bar but I wasn't interested in the champagne.

I enjoyed free strawberries and the produce patch as well as the cider orchard. Here there were free goody bags for those who signed up to the Herald Sun.

As per usual I enjoyed Hophaus's pulled pork bun with pork crackling for $10. This was nice but a little bit pricey.

And then on Sunday I went to the Pizza place at Crown. If you want pizza you have to buy a token for $12 and then they give you a small but great pizza. The wine/champers and beers are about $8-$9 each. They only have margherita and the one that I got was from Double Zero. Here they have great pizzas like Gradi's where the dough is soft and its really cheesy.

There was gelato but I wasn't interested.

There was also the balloon fairy but again not interested and I quiver at the sight of him.

Many thanks to the City of Melbourne for this wonderful event. Do go to next years one if there is one.

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Ajisen Ramen in Hawthorn

Today there was another big protest at work and I wanted to stay away. It was the one about making education free.

Ajisen Ramen is a chain store and I heard some good things about it from Confessions of a little pigy and other bloggers about their good meal sets.

This store in Hawthorn was run by the Chinese.

Here they have all their meal sets under $15 with some of their premium ones for under $20. They don't come with miso soup- you have to buy it yourself. for an extra $2 per set. This miso soup was worth the $2 as it had generous amount of seaweed and other things.

I had the yasai bento and I have had better at Highpoint where there was lost of seaweed. Here they forgot the sesame seeds on the rice. The tofu for the yasai bento was a bit overcooked. It was a bit soft and it drowned in a lot of sauce.

I didn't really like the corn salad. It had waaay too much mayo in there and I could not taste the corn. The edamame was just ok.

Rating: 13/20-hmm I've had better ok. And Glenferrie has quite a few other places around.


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