Tuesday, September 25, 2012

RMIT Village and the horror story from a student by Katherine

I had one student complain about the village and this is what they say:
"I'm an International student from China. I applied to live in the Village when I was in China and I got the place. I just looked on their website and saw these nice pictures of it... thinking that oh wow its huge and that I can afford the $300-$400 per week"
" But when I got here the Village was rather small and I had a rather small and I had to share with three others. I'm quite claustrophobic and I told them this via email when I applied for the place and they told me that there was a one bedroom apartment"
"Its good to live quite close to everything... but at the same time had to pay $300-$400 per week which is really expensive for such a small room. On top of that I had to pay for Internet and washing (@ $4 per load) which was really expensive. So I had to wash everything by hand".
" Its great to see some activities but not much is going on considering the money I spent on the room".
"I had to buy my own food. But I went to market which I lived close to which is fine and dandy"
" But when I wanted to cancel, I had to pay all of my fees until a new student was found. It was very costly for me. I tried to talk to the Management about it but they said "no you have to pay"".
" I'm living in Glenhuntly and was almost evicted from the current house. But my flatmate paid for me"
" I didn't know about Consumer affairs because that was never mentioned at the start of the year. I didn't know that I could go to them for help".
"Students if I were you... I'd make sure that I didn't terminate the contract and make sure that you understood your rights living in Melbourne and paying rent. And make sure that the village doesn;'t do what it did to me".

A little birdy told me that the Village rent is just going to get more expensive at the start of next year and that it will be really full at the beginning. So don't wait book now. Or if you want meals included then you could stay at one of Melbourne Uni's places.


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