Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Movenpick at Highpoint by Claudia

Movenpick is a Swiss ice cream brand which is premium. They first started in Box Hill and Doncaster and then opened up in the city. Finally they opened a store in Highpoint where the old Gelare used to be. When I saw an ad in Utimes (a student magazine) advertising "a buy one get one scoop free" and Highpoint opening soon, I thought that I would try it.
The drinks at Movenpick where you can make your own

But then I got waaaay too busy with assignments. So I thought I'd give the place a go during the Easter break.

Movenpick at Highpoint is just a tiny little booth with no indoor seating but outdoor seating. At 2pm when I came it was quiet. Its funny though, Highpoint was packed with school kids. Hence I was expecting more customers.
The other drinks and the endless fondue

Tip jar

Flavours and more flavours (bottom picture)

There was one Asian lady and one blonde lady who was unfriendly with her customers. She did not smile one bit. She also seemed to misunderstand her customers orders.The Asian one did though and when someone forgot something she managed to find them and give them back their thing. Now that's what I call good service.
The guy seemed very friendly.

I had my buy one get one free which I enjoyed using. It is only for scoops though. There is also an Entertainment book offer of buy one get one free for the tasting basket (4 flavours and waffle for $10.95) and another one for the cone. You can buy the membership from our page.

This is how great the ice cream was. I was enjoying myself there.

I had the white chocolate and the strawberry flavours. For an extra $1 you can upgrade to the basket which looks nicer and it was really crunchy. I loved the chunks of white chocolate in my white chocolate one. Heavenly. I also loved the strawberry pieces. I actually think that these two flavours work well together.

The basket was freshly made and was really crunchy. Unlike Max Brenner this one is not sickly sweet.

Verdict: I would love to come back. But just avoid the blonde at all costs. I would love to be back to try their tasting baskets.

I hope they are around for as long as Pancake Parlour have been which is a few years.
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