Friday, August 1, 2014

Church St Enoteca

Church st Enoteca has been around for many years and has won many outstanding awards from the Age for good food

It's at 527 Church st in Richmond

There isn't much parking but East Richmond station and the trams are nearby. Plus it is only 10 mins from the city and is in zone 1.

Despite what everyone on Urbanspoon says about the maitre d, he was all fine and very friendly. Although a little too friendly. Perhaps they all went late in the night when it was the end of his shift? The maitre D looked after a traveler's bags when he was in the restaurant and they offered to take a lot of people's jackets.
Wines on display

Wine glasses. I love the huge ones

I love the wine bottle lights. They enhance the fine dining setting

At 12:15 pm when I came it was quiet but afterwards it became busy with many of the office workers wanting lunch.

The atmosphere was lovely and intimate, great for a fine dining setting in regional Italy.

I had three courses and a lemonade for $32.60. Normally it is $44 but because I had the Entertainment card I had 25% off.
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For starters I had different types of bread. The bread was soft warm and moist and went well with the olive oil that was provided.

I didn't really like the squid ink spaghetti. Normally I love this, but today it was really clumpy. It was overcooked and the squid was so soft that it broke into pieces.

The dessert was a lovely way to end the meal. It was three different flavored Italian ice creams. Really enjoyed all of them except for the coffee which was a little bit sour for some reason. The hazelnut and caramel ones were great. Just the right amount of sugar. I like my ice creams to be really sweet. Pity about the coffee one though. I was hoping for blood orange.

But still it was heaps of fun doing fine dining with my Entertainment card and I'm glad I signed up for that membership which means being invited to classes and all.

I loved the look of the frites and steak, pity I'm not much of a meat lover. That alone I'd happy to go for the other breads and maybe fish with the frites. Ooh and I'd like to try some truffle in one of their dishes.

6/10- disappointing main, but great service, entrees and dessert. Oh and by the way I hear that they do suckling pig on Wednesday nights?

 Editors note: Church Street Enoteca is offering a discount of 25% off the total bill for Entertainment members. There is free delivery for the Entertainment books so do sign up whilst stocks lasts
Church St Enoteca


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