Thursday, April 23, 2015

Universities and others hit back on plagiarism and the ghost writing service

Universities in Australia now have harsher penalties for the students who use ghost writing services. It is only a small amount of them. We also have harsh $800 penalties for those who post their services on Facebook and other social networking sites as part of the crackdown on plagiarism.We explain.

A few months after the Mymaster scandal and universities are hitting back on this ghost writing thing. First up was University of Sydney. The University of Sydney now has stricter policies dealing with this.

When RNIS saw all the ads on Facebook they decided on an ultimatium: "Remove the ad or face $800 penalty for the ad and everytime you place the ad on Facebook". They also have been removing many of these ads on campus.

RNIS did a search and found a lot of ads. They found about 33,600,000 results online.

Our test question was this: Are iPads effective for the classroom? We also pretended that we had an assignment due a few days after and pretended to be the panicking student.

We tried out one site called It looks legitimate to one disconcerning eye who does not know that it is illegal to get someone to write your assignment for you. They had been going for eight years.It is about $312.00 for one website to write a 6,000 word research paper.

On Assignment helps it is about $720 to write a 10,000 word report. On another site called Aussie Quality it was the same price and they had been going for 11 years.

The message to students is don't waste your money using these services. Instead if you are having problems do talk to your lecturer or utilise university services. They are free for all students. Universities are known to have stricter penalties for this sort of behaviour.


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