Sunday, January 31, 2016

Sushi Hub

RNIS was invited to the Sushi Hub by Healthy Students site and did not have to pay.

Sushi Hub is a sushi shop in Melbourne. Well actually they are a franchise, but the first sushi train run by Sushi Hub is in Melbourne and they are always packed to the full during lunch and dinner. Here the white plates were $2.80 each and the daily special was $3. They also have a make your own sushi roll as well as hot noodle dishes.

Pickled vegetables and salmon nigiri

The jellyfish dish, prawn nigiri and pickled vegetables
They don't have alcohol but they do have Japanese soft drinks and tea.
A prawn nigiri which I have never had before

We liked the Ikura and salmon nigiri and have never tried the pickled vegetables before so this was something new to us. We loved the spiciness of this and the pickled jellyfish. Yum. This time we tried the prawn nigiri and also enjoyed this.

Some of the staff could not cope with the busy place. They were unhappy and the place looked understaffed.

We loved the udon but it did have a bit of a fishy smell. It was tempura vegetable udon. The noodles were silky smooth though.

Rating: 13/20- love the udon and the prawn nigiris. I am not sure as to whether they can cope with the busy times. Perhaps they need more staff on during the lunch and dinner hours. Do buy the Entertainment book off us and you can show your support for the Salvation Army. There is a deal for this place at 25% off the total bill.
Sushi Hub Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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