Thursday, May 18, 2017

The resident cafe

The Resident cafe has been really busy on a Sunday which is a good sign. They are featured in the Age Cheap eats guide for 2017. This is another tick in my book.

It is a small friendly cafe in Ashburton and I was there for my long run deciding to visit Gardiners Creek Trail. I was facinated by the lovely building that I decided to go in.

The menu featured many breakfast items but most items have meat as per usual. I did however like the look of the guy's burger.

As per usual I love my soy latte and this one did not disappoint. But there was a wait and with that came a stuff up on the other tables meals when they got bacon and they didn't want it.

Here because it is no meat May I had the green omelette with Yarra Valley feta cheese, kasuandi and toast. This was $17. The green omelette had a lot of vegetables in there and it had avocado. That toast was nice but they could have given me more given that egg omelette was huge.

Do come by to this lovely gem in Ashburton. It is a stone's throw away from the station.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Melbourne Knowledge Week

Melbourne Knowledge week is a huge event and every year they have many free events and exhibitions for all to enjoy. Here they had a film screening on at General Assembly that I was invited to attend. This film screening was about how they created games like Minecraft and other building games.

The film showcased the cities of Kenya, Stockholm, Kossovo and the US.

This film let us saw how much gaming has changed in the last few years. In the last few years the gaming industry has spent billions of dollars on the games. People create the games in a uni computer lab which is hard because there is not enough money to make them. Then they have to work for the end user like myself. They have to be engaging for all.

If people don't like the game or if the game gets a bad review then the creators of the game go broke or out of business. To promote the game the creators went to a gaming expo to exhibit the game.

Today's video games help shape the future of our city and they too can help shape the future of Melbourne. They too can help create communities.

Then the Hackathon reinforced the theme of Then, Now and in the future as teams worked together at General Assembly on a Saturday morning and afternoon on a challenge. The challenge was based on Melbourne's public transport system and how it can be better for all. The best team won bags and free bitcoins. The Hackathon gave us a sense of how to solve real life problems in the world of work.

Do come to next years Melbourne Knowledge Week and thanks to General Assembly for the invite

Naughty Nuris

Naughty Nuris is a new Indonesian restaurant in Melbourne Central. They replaced the sushi train there. That sushi train wasn't doing so well.

Naughty Nuris have been open for a little while and they are doing so well with bloggers and foodies alike. Here their food is pricey but they do have $11.90 lunch specials and if you want a drink its $2 extra.

As it was 3pm the staff were bubbly and energetic and they were ready to serve you.

I had Mi Goreng. Normally it comes with chicken, seafood, egg, vegetables and noodles. As it is no meat May I had taken the chicken out of my Mi Goreng. I can have seafood though. Here the seafood was just alright and so was the Mi Goreng. As it is such a small one for the price of $23 I would be happy coming for lunch.

The noodles was just alright and if you wanted another egg you had to pay $1.

As I couldn't have dessert due to I Quit Sugar program I could not try the Indonesian desserts on offer. I would have liked to though.

Do come here for lunch and for Indonesian food.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Oakdene vineyard and Portarlington

We went to Ocean Grove for the day just to visit a friend. Yep me, Friend A and B. Here Oakdene had some nice views and the cafe there was great.

Friend A and B didn't really like the food all that much. But I enjoyed the pizzas and they would be great with a glass of wine. Here we ordered potato pizza and ham and mushroom pizza. I could taste the truffle in the potato pizza and I liked that very much. A white wine would work well with this.




As well as marinara, fish with apple slaw and crab cakes. I have had better marinara in the city which was worth the price tag. This marinara here was not fresh and the linguini was about a day or two old. It broke easily and there was too much sauce to it.

The apple slaw was very vinegary. Here the fish had a lot of batter and it was hard to eat. But the batter was crispy. It was a beer battered fish,

Whilst going around the vineyard and exploring my friends had coffee and they didn't enjoy it that much. I saw that they had high tea going for $45 which is a little bit pricey. They also had $5 tastings for their well known wines. For me that is also expensive seeing as city gives it for free. But I did love their dukkah.

The pier

The pier again

After lunch we went to Portdarlington which is about a ten minute drive away. There, there was lovely sea on a lovely sunny day. Here there was a mussel stall selling mussels at $5 a kg. Friend A wanted some so she got.

And then we walked off lunch. Around the bay we went and enjoyed some of the sights and here are the pictures.

Do come up for a road trip away from the city when you want a break.

Uni Curry Cafe

Uni Curry Cafe is in Melbourne Uni and I was around visiting their Farmers markets for some tasty snack ideas.

Here they have two curries and rice with mango lassi for under $10. But everything that morning was meat. As I was trying to stay true to the No Meat May challenge I had the salt and pepper fried fish with a pakora and lots of rice. In fact too much that I kept some for dinner that night.

The fish was a bit overcooked. It was tough in texture. But the pakora was good. It didn't have too much salt which I liked. I love to taste the flavours of the vegetables which was sweet. I also love how they didn't put any msg in there.

The rice was just rice.

Do come by for a student cheap eat when you are strapped for cash but still like your curry.

Cinco de Mayo in Hawthorn

I have been to the Hawthorn Guzman Y gomez a couple of times and really enjoyed it. I have bought one full priced mini burrito and this time I came back for the $5 Cinco de Mayo special and free chips.

The mini burrito was not good. It was lukewarm and soggy. I thought that since I have not written about this store I thought that I would give them another chance. That is on a busy day like today. The city stores were packed to the brim with workers.

Here you order and pay and then they give you a number. Whilst waiting you can help yourself to condiments and cutlery by their station. And then you find your seat. You can site outside or inside.  Because the shop is small many people like to get take away.

For the spiciness you can choose mild or hot spices. My burrito was not too spicy but I did add some jalepinos to give it that spice. It was a fish burrito since it was meat free May and I had to stick by the rules. The barramundi was fresh and the beans were plentiful.

The free chips were the best ones at Guzman Y gomez so far! And so was the guac. The guacamole was freshly made.

Guzman y Gomez Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato Do come by to the Hawthorn one as it is the better one out of all of them.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Pronto Pizza

Pronto Pizza is in Melbourne uni and is a favourite pizza place with the Melbourne Uni students. Everytime I go there I can smell the pizza being freshly made.

Seeing as this is owned by Melbourne Uni student union their pizza prices are cheap. It is about $13-$18 for a large pizza. Normally in a good pizza place it would be $20-$30 for a large. In here the large can easily fill two to three people. And a small is $10.

It was 10:20am when I came so the breakfast pizza was out. Here the breakfast was good but soggy as it had been sitting on the bain marie for some time. There was a bit of egg in this and it was very cheesey. It was $3.50 for a big piece of pizza. Buy two and a cold drink and its $9.50.

The latte I had was good. It was $4 for a soy one and it came in a big cup.

Do come on by and try their pizza for lunch. You won't be disappointed

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Technology: Fit Bit

Fit Bit is a watch that tells you as to how many calories burnt and consumed. They come in a few different styles and designs. This one is a Charge Fitbit. The watch is comfortable to wear. I got this as a present from a friend. Normally it retails about $150-$200 and its a good Christmas gift for gym freaks.
Fitbit Charge 2 from the Fitbit site

With it comes an app that allows you to see how much you are burning and you can log your food intake in.

Healthy International students talks about the Fit bit app.
This is only for people with the Fit bit. This app is really easy to use and it tracks your exercise. Here it will tell you how many calories you have burnt throughout.  The app synchronises the Fit bit so you'll know when the battery is low.
It is easy to use. When you sign up to Fitbit it will automatically sync your devices. You just need to enter your fitbit type in there and then it will show your fitness info
Do buy the watch if you are step conscious. You can buy this here

Zouki Cafe and shop

Zouki cafe and Shop is inside the Royal Melbourne Hospital and they are one big cafe and shop. I was on my way to work in the city and as part of marathon training had decided to walk an extra few km. I am doing the 42km marathon in October and as such am raising money for the Salvation army.

Here I had substandard eggs and mushrooms with onion and wholemeal bread. Zouki cafe also does sushi and other bakery items but being a marathoner was in the mood for eggs and brown bread which is good for the iron. I been researching stress fractures online and found that if you don't eat enough for your training you can get a stress fracture over time.

The eggs were the Ikea sort which was rubbery and plasticky in texture. They had been sitting in the bain marie for a while. But the bread was the fresh sort and it was great being toasted. The mushrooms and onions were jut ok but who can stuff these up. The eggs reminded me of hospital food which was very bland.

At least the coffee was good and I can see why there was such a huge line for it. You order and then pay for it and then they call your number. I got a soy flat white as per usual as I am trying to quit having normal milk and I love soy.

Next time I'll come just for the coffee and toast and not the eggs. The service there was just ok.

The comedy festival hits Melbourne

The comedy festival is on again this year and its bigger and better than ever. Here they have their own bar at the Malthouse Theatre and I went along one night to discover just how popular this festival is.

The bar gets really busy on a Friday night but during the weekdays they are pretty quiet. During the weekdays there are food trucks outside to boost patronage. There is a good selection of food inside too.

There are a lot of good Australian and international acts here and many people go there to be entertained. You get your ticket and then relax in the outdoor or indoor bar and then they call you when the show is about to commence. You can bring alcohol in there but no glass. Your alcohol is poured into a plastic cup and the glass stays outside.

Here they have a great selection of wine. Some of the brands are more expensive though such as the Janz. My shiraz was only $7 and it was really strong. It would work well with the cheese plate that they have for $18.

Note it runs until the 23rd at the Malthouse. After that there will be other shows for you to go along to and the bar is always there for your drinks and food. Food is about $10-$26 depending on what you would like to eat. But do come for the drinks.

The Malthouse is on Sturt St in South Melbourne behind the Arts Centre.


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