Thursday, March 9, 2017

A few less men

RNIS was invited to the screening of this movie by Weekendnotes and did not have to pay.

The movie was set in Australia and London. This is the sequel to A Few Best Men where there was a wedding in Central Australia. The movie is directed by Mike Lampell.

This was a feel good movie but not in the family way. It was more about sexism and cocks. It was set in Australia with Xavier Samuel being the angry brother in London. All four boys are British and they were portrayed very well by the actors. Xavier Samuel portrayed a very good David who is British.

It all started when the wedding went horribly wrong. Mike who was very drunk fell off the cliff and then a rock hit him. From there the three boys had to take the body back to London. First of all they crashed the small plane which would bring them to Perth and then they had to find some other way in the form of Maureen and others to take them there.

In London though Graham had to read the eulogy which was really funny as they mentioned cock one last time and he passed out from it. And then they cried.

Jeremy Sims played a very serious pilot and he was great at the job. Shane Jacobsen did really playing someone who is gay and intimidating to the three boys.

This would be a really good movie for all my queer friends (and some not so) to go and see it now. 


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