Monday, April 17, 2017

Animal Orchestra

This place is right outside Melbourne Uni in Carlton. As a student I did not get much of a chance to visit as RMIT is in the city.

The place is in a small old style house which makes it really rustic. Inside it is cool and chic like the 70s.

For a Wednesday morning the place was packed full of students and academics gettings their coffee fix. The barista was friendly.

 Here they have really cheap meals and breakfasts. At a normal cafe a plate of baked eggs with bread is about $18-$19. Here it is $13 and it is filling.

I did need my omega 3's and eggs as a runner doing her first full marathon hence the baked eggs with salmon. This turned out to be a great choice. Here the salmon and eggs were just lovely in  their pan. The souradough was freshly baked.

My soy flat white was great. I enjoyed the really nutty taste of the soy.

Do come by to this cafe when you are at uni or in the hospitals.


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