Thursday, June 29, 2017

Free coffee at Donut King

RNIS recieved their latte free but they paid for the donut.

This Donut King is in Highpoint. In fact there are two Donut Kings in Highpoint. One which is near the cinema and the other one is near Crunch. They both are in a food court.

Donuts on offer

I have wanted to take a break from study.

Here the coffee was milky but burnt and unlike what Facebook said about the hot chocolate they did not actually offer hot chocolate. The barista was friendly and she put an artwork on top of my coffee. It is important that the barista is friendly and knowledgeable about their coffee.

But their traditional cinnamon donut was good. It was piping hot and was only $1.20 each.

Do buy the Entertainment book here and you'll be helping the Salvos. Moreover there is a buy one coffee get one free for Donut King in the book.


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