Monday, June 19, 2017

Honey Bar revisited

Honey bar is in South Melbourne and you may recall the first time that I went there with the Voices bloggers a few years ago. Well they have been there for eight years and things have changed. No more expensive meals but specials and yes I can drink alcohol.

Which means trying their Kiwi cocktail which is nice for a summers day and it goes well with the mac and cheese bites. I loved that awesome apple sauce which had a hint of wasabi in it. My mate who came very late liked it.

The service was a tad bit slow but I think they had a function on upstairs thats why. Back in 2009 they never had many functions but now they seemed busy with their functions. Last week they had the Crosbie crew's function.

The panfried fish with potato balls reminded me of the Maori Chief's meal where the fish was fresh and the balls of ricotta and chive were just perfect. Add in a fried egg and its all good to go. The only thing that they need is spinach or brocoli and then it would be much healthier. I did like the tomatoes on top.

I loved those Mac balls for dessert. They worked well with the champagne which I think is a Moet. These were not too sweet but they were frozen in the middle. I loved that ricotta- it worked a treat with the honey. Now I see why they are so Instagrammable and popular.

Rating: 14/20- good food but slow service. The service at the bar was friendly though. Oh well perhaps we should try coming on a weekday dinner then and not Friday night.


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