Thursday, June 29, 2017

M Yong Tofu revisited

M Yong tofu has been around for some time now. I have heard from a friend that they changed management and that the food is much better.

One Saturday night I went with Friends A, B and C. There it was really busy but then after 6:30pm it really quieten down. Most of the tables had vacated by then.

You order and they bring your food out for you within a few minutes. They also give you free tea which they never used to in the first time that I went. That free tea was really good.

There is a bathroom but its out the back and behind a door. Its only just one single unisex one so if the restaurant is busy and there is someone in there then you have to wait behind the closed door for that person to come out.

I really liked the spare ribs. They were nice and sticky and very garlicky. The ribs were tender. If alcohol was to be served here, I think it would work well with something like a sauv blanc or a pinot noir.

The chicken in salt and brine also was very addictive. But it was also very tough. Friend B seemed to like the sauce.

The gailan or was it mixed vegetables? Was ok. There wasn't a lot of that and if there was some oyster sauce even better.

The yam and taro basket with the chicken inside was quite nice. But the chicken was a little bit gristly.

The rice was the normal Australian type and not the Asian one

Rating: 13/20- me likes the cheap Malaysian fare.


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