Saturday, June 17, 2017

Newmarket Hotel's launch party

RNIS was invited and they did not have to pay.

Newmarket Hotel has been blogged about extensively by many foodies about their good food and wine service. But they have been too expensive for some.

Some sort of vegetarian pizza

I had wanted to try out their cocktails and cocktails I did. I loved their gin and tonic and their Aperol spritz which has champagne and liqueur. My friend had two rounds of orange juice and complained that there was no burgers. I in fact came early and got all.

First up was the chicken parma on a stick. This was cooked really well.

Then there was the cheese balls with the sweet sauce. I really enjoyed that sweet sauce. It worked a treat for a lot of people.

The two pizzas that we tried were a simple margherita and a ham one. I loved the simple margherita with onion in there.

Most people loved the chicken wings and that sauce. Ooh man they were the bomb.

The calamari was a bit a small and a bit oily.

The lamb was really good. I loved the harissa spice in there which gives it that nice kick.

The mac bites were fingerlicklingly good. So good that I had a huge bowl of cheesey goodness.

Do come by to the ever popular Newmarket Hotel and thanks for the invite Newmarket Hotel.


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