Saturday, March 17, 2018

Menousai Mugen

Menousai Mugen is in Bligh place just off Flinders Lane. It was a bit hard to find at first but after a few times I found it.

It is a small place but it is popular with all the bloggers on Zomato. They have two storeys (one in the basement and the other one on the ground level). The basement is a lovely place to go to.

Here they pride themselves on Ramen and ramen is not cheap to come by. Seeing as it was days after the Japanese festival I had a hankering for Japanese food and beer.

It was not busy but it did take them a while to get to me. Here I had their Wafu ramen and a pot of Thunder road beer. Being a Japanese place I would have thought that they had Japanese beer.

The ramen here was good but on the smallish side. It was slightly chewy but that was to be expected with Japanese ramen. They could have given me more than one piece of meat, broth and noodles for $18. But I suppose someone has to pay the rent on this side of the town.

But I did like the broth though. It had a lot of pork flavour in there.

If they were on Liven that would be awesome and then they could have more customers. Oh well, til next time.

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Phat burgers and the Eat Club app

RNIS did not have to pay for their burger as they used the Eat Club app but they paid for their chips and beer.

The Eat Club App is really easy to download and its available from the Google store. Download this app and you'll never miss a deal. Here they have loads of free stuff such as free burgers. Earlier this week there was free burgers at New York Minute but I was just too busy.

Phat burgers is a new place in Camberwell and are really close to the station. They are on the other side of Camberwell station from Okra.

The bathrooms are up some wooden steps hence heels are not ideal.

Here the staff was down to earth and friendly. They have $6.50 beers and I tried a Belgian one which was awesome with my Vegan burger. It was wheaty with lots of malt down the bottom. Most people were happy with just beer and burger. The chips were equally awesome and I would have liked to have tried their Tomato sauce but I am on a Febfast diet with Healthyintstudents and our aim was to cut out all commercial sugars.

It was busy but the food came out quickly. You order and pay and they will give you a number. And they yell your numbers out.

The Vegan burger has not much sauce but a sweet beetroot patty and a big mushroom which is good for those on a Febfast diet and can't have sauce. The Brioche bun was sweet but yummy. I would recommend that Here's the veg visit this place as they love their vegan burgers.


Criniti's is in Southbank and it has received some bad reviews about their food on Zomato. They are featured in the Entertainment book for 25% off the total price.

We had received a $20 Dimmi voucher to use on food and we really wanted to try the pizza since the last time I did not get to.

Watching them make the pizza is really fun as shown in the clip. First of all, they do the pizza dough and then they put the toppings on. And then it goes in the big wood oven and you can smell that smokiness. It is always fun watching them do the 1-meter pizza for the groups. It is soooo big.

To go with the pizza I had a glass of Peroni and I paid for that.

I had the cheese pizza with an olive tapenade base. This was really nice and I enjoyed the buffalo cheese and all that cholesterol after not having much. I liked that not everything has a tomato sauce base which is lovely. This is true Italian style.

I could have had the doughnuts but seeing as I am on a Febfast diet I could not.

Do come by this gem for a mid week dinner and not during the weekend as they have a surcharge then.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Waterslide Hotel (picture post)

RNIS was invited to their launch party and did not have to pay.

The Waterslide Hotel is on the corner of King and Flinders st. They are around the corner from Southern Cross station.  Here they serve really great food and drink and they have had a makeover.
Red Wine

Hotdog stand

My hotdog

I think this was lamb kofta


Vegetarian skewers

More vegetarian skewers

I was invited to their launch party for some good times. Here they have a hot dog station among other things.

 I really enjoyed the hotdog and the wide variety of drinks on offer. They also had other canapes and sliders and I had two of them.

Here I enjoyed their gin and red wine and I would have loved to try a Pimms.

Do come by for some great pub food and thanks for the invite

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Saigon Square in Highpoint

Saigon Square is a Vietnamese eatery and they are everywhere. After my health check at Priceline I went to Saigon Square for lunch. I was hungry for healthy food and Highpoint has not much in their food court.

It was after 2pm and it was quieter then. The staff looked really tired and they wanted to go home.

I wanted to try everything so I got the $10 lunch basket. It usually has meat but I asked them for no meat. Why you might ask? Is because I promised Healthyintstudents that I would give vegetarian a go and I didn't want to let them down. Besides my intake of vegetables seemed a bit low.

Here their food is much better than Roll'd upstairs. I did enjoy their freshly made rice paper roll and their tofu bhanh mi. But their salad had way too much dressing. If that was put on the side it would be a lot better.

But I liked their vegetarain dumplings. They were really crispy and freshly fried. And it was good that it came with no sauce. If this was on their regular menu I would get this again.

The Vietnamese spring roll was not too bad. It was a little bit oily but other than that it was alright.

I could have gone for the Vietnamese drinks but they seemed a little bit too sugary for me so I went for orange juice instead which has lots of potassium in there.

Do come by to Saigon square if you are sick of Roll'd for lunch and need a healthy lunch before the movies.


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